Not all landscape designs are appropriate to use in your backyard. As such, landscape designers often modify the yard of their clients to suit the landscape design the home owner has chosen. The good news is that it is possible to have a great landscape design no matter how large or what kind of backyard you have in your property.


Garden Wall Landscape Design


People use walls primarily to provide protection and privacy within the property. Aside from that, when it comes to the garden walls, these parts are critical in creating a great landscape design which enhances the aesthetics of the whole garden. You can also see great landscape and garden designs using different bricks or stones.


Retaining Wall Design


Retaining wall type is often seen on landscape designs for areas with noticeable slopes. The detail is important when it comes to designing the retaining walls in order for it to function properly. Details like drainage and erosion are also taken into consideration in designing the retaining wall. The ability to develop an accurate retaining wall for the yard is a requirement for every landscape designer.


Different Landscape Design With Slopes


Aside from retaining walls, landscape artists are using different Hardscapes Olympia techniques for hillside or slope landscape design. With the right landscape design, you will have a beautiful outdoor space even in slope areas. For slope landscaping, the drainage or irrigation system needs all of the following elements:


Rock garden area

Functional deck

Wild flower garden

Natural parts covered with unique ground sheets


Different Terrace Landscape Designs


A lot of people are now including garden terraces in their property just outside their master suite room or the entertainment room as it makes the whole design harmonious. Make your garden terrace unique by choosing your ideal design, materials and color which suit the whole landscape design. Depending on your preference and needs, you can develop your own landscape design with features not found on other garden terraces.


How to Have an Amazing Landscape for Small Areas


The possible landscape design is not limited due to the amount of space available. You can find several great garden designs at with limited space.


Use the right accessories for the outdoor space.

Do not install large ponds if you have limited garden space.


Using smaller plants or trees can give you more flexibility in your landscape design.


Using the right colors can trick the eye with regards to the size of the garden.


Some textures would also enhance the space felt by those in the garden.


Replace thick fences with thin materials.


Increase the dimension using vines and climber plants.



With the appropriate garden design, it is possible to own an amazing garden space.